Winter Fun: 5 Outdoor Family Activities

Winter Fun: 5 Outdoor Family Activities

These five activities will get your family spending quality time outdoors this winter.

1. Frosted Bubbles

Soap bubbles are great fun in the summer, but the crisp winter air gives them a special frosted look the kids will love.

So get out that box of summer toys you put away and have some fun!

2. Snow Canvas

Encourage the artist in your child with some creative snow painting.

You can buy snow paint or make your own. It’s quite simple:

  • Empty one pouch of Kool-Aid into a spray bottle.
  • Fill it up with water and mix well.

You can also use watered-down food colouring.

3. Epic Snow Fort

If you like making snowmen, take this activity to the next level and go wild building an open sky snow fortress with room for the whole family.

Make snow bricks using moulds, like beach toys or plastic storage boxes, and stack them up to make walls.

Big family? Up your game and build a snow village with connecting trails to smaller forts!

4. Tic-Tac -Toe

Trace a tic-tac-toe grid in the snow and use pinecones, twigs or other outdoor resources to play.

Everybody's on board? Make a tournament out of it!

5. Activity Trail

You and your children love variety? Create a trail to get everyone exercising outside with activities the whole family will like.


  • Snowball target practice
  • Obstacle course (get from point A to point B)
  • Snowball pyramid (simply stack them up)
  • Snow angels

Winter is here to stay for a while, so might as well dress warmly, enjoy the refreshing crisp air and create unforgettable family memories.