Tips for spring skiing

Tips for spring skiing

Dress in layers

The deep freeze of winter may be over but don’t let April fool you. Avoid dressing too lightly despite the promise of a warm day (a t-shirt is a bad idea).

Spring mornings warm up quickly; spring afternoons cool down even faster. You really have to dress accordingly.

Layering is the secret to staying comfortable when you’re active outdoors.

First layer

It’s important that the first layer of clothing wicks moisture off your skin and toward the surface, and that’s why it must be made of synthetic fibre.

One thing is for sure, wearing cotton is not an option because of its capacity to absorb moisture. You don’t want to be soaking wet and cold at the end of your day on the slopes.

Second layer

This layer adds insulation, and keeps you warm by trapping body heat between the first and second layers.

Choose a piece of clothing that is lighter than something you’d wear in winter.

Third layer

The outer layer or the “shell” protects you from the wind, rain and snow. This layer must be breathable while being waterproof.

Jackets known as 3-in-1 styles have a zip-out insulated lining and give you the choice of wearing only the shell ̶ a perfect option!

And the rest?

It’s all about being comfortable. Opt for lighter gloves than what you’d wear during the cold season.

If possible, open the vents of your ski helmet so that the air circulates better, but DON’T take it off! Staying safe is priceless.

Must haves on the slopes

Did you know that snow reflects 85% of the sun’s UV rays? That’s four times more than water and 80 times more than grass!

What’s more is that the amount of UV rays increases by 4% for every 300 metres of altitude because the thinner atmosphere provides less of a filter for the sun’s rays.

With this much reflection of the sun’s rays on the white snow, sunscreen is essential. Slather it on and you can bask in the sun without fear of burning.

Polarizing sunglasses are also essential especially if your ski goggles don’t protect you against glare and UV rays.