The 5 most bike-friendly cities in Canada

The 5 most bike-friendly cities in Canada

What is better than taking a bike ride to play tourist and search for a city’s undiscovered charms? Here are our top 5 Canadian cities where it pays to pedal.

5. Ottawa (Ontario)

Boasting a network of over 800 km of bike paths, the Nation’s Capital is a premier destination for cyclists.

The most famous route hugs the Rideau Canal and is the site of an international showstopper that takes place every May, the Canadian Tulip Festival. Make your way to Commissioners Park overlooking Dow’s Lake to take in the colourful garden scene by day and the famous fireworks display by night.

If you didn’t bring your own bike on the trip, it’s possible to rent one at a reasonable price in downtown Ottawa.

4. Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)

You will find the perfect combination for optimal cycle touring here: relatively flat terrain along both sides of the South Saskatchewan River that skirts the city + over 2,000 km of mapped trails along 35 routes.

Use the Meewasin app during your visit. It will help you find all the multi-use trails, tourist attractions and services along the way.

Make sure to stop at Kiwanis Park for a relaxing break under a tree or an unforgettable picnic lunch.

3. Montreal (Quebec)

It has never been easier to cruise on a bike through the streets of Montreal thanks to the city’s world-renowned BIXIservice. This bicycle sharing service has 7,250 rental bikes at 600 stations and offers short-term access deals as well as long-term packages.

Another bicycle-sharing service is available: JUMP by Uber rents electric bikes if you want to add a little speed to your tour.

Enjoy pedalling around the city via its network of 350 bike paths and reserved bicycle lanes.

Take a detour along the Lachine Canal historic site if you are looking to explore a less urban setting.

One thing is certain, Montreal has made cycling safety a priority and is the only Canadian city on the Top 20 Annual Copenhagenzie Index, ranking 20th on the list of bike-friendly cities.

2. Vancouver (British Columbia)

Cyclists can ride throughout the year in Vancouver’s mild climate (as long as they do not mind biking in the infamous winter rain).

The city offers 400 kilometres of dedicated bike paths, 330 of which are commuter bike lanes lined with plants to protect cyclists from splashes and cars.

Similar to Montreal, Vancouver has its own bike-share service called Mobi that has a variety of rental plans available depending on your needs.

1.Victoria (British Columbia)

Victoria boasts the largest number of people who bike commute to work. This statistic is due to the weather, supportive infrastructure and a lack of major hills to climb.

Bikes are allowed on the city’s public transportation system and this makes it easier to get around.

Besides reserved zones for cyclists, you’ll find bike repair stations, plenty of water fountains and safe bicycle parking spaces.