Hygge, a way of life to discover

Hygge, a way of life to discover

Hygge is a traditionally Danish way of life that is inspiring more and more Canadians. Its basic principle? Make the most of the present moment by cultivating life’s little pleasures in the company of people you love. Here is a bit more information as well as some tips on how to easily add hygge to your daily life.

A traditional Danish way of life

The word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hue-guh) is not actually Danish, but rather a Norwegian word meaning ‘wellness.’ It first appeared in Danish writing at the end of the 18th century as Danes quickly embraced this new way of living and thinking as a means of coping with their long, dark winters. They successfully and happily live through harsh winters by lighting lots of soothing candles and taking the time to appreciate the simple things in life.

More specifically, the art of hygge promotes the creation of a warm, comfortable atmosphere conducive to relaxation to better experience every single moment surrounded by your loved ones. Its principles are based on the fact that people are more likely to cultivate a sense of gratitude and general joie de vivre when they take the time to appreciate life’s little pleasures.

Add hygge to your home

Do you want to include hygge principles in your daily life? Here are some ideas that will allow you to keep cozy and thumb your nose at winter.

Disconnect and live in the now

In order to appreciate life’s special moments, you have to be able to channel your energy into the now. To achieve this, it is strongly recommended to put away your smart devices. The act of disconnecting allows you to see things you would otherwise miss if your eyes are too busy staring at your TV or phone, for example.

Spend time with friends, laugh, have long conversations and feel good about your time in good company.

Look inward, not outward: live with less

Placing too much emphasis on your physical appearance or the image you project can leave you feeling emotionally drained without even noticing. Save your energy for things that bring you comfort and contribute to reducing your overall stress level.

Try to live simply with less. Simplify your home décor and go through your closet to get rid of anything that does not make you feel happy. Avoid picking up on-trend items that will not bring you any comfort over the long term.

Learn more about how to purge your living space.

Create your own cocoon: a warm atmosphere and comfy clothes

Candles with comforting scents, wool socks, fireplaces, snuggly blankets and warm drinks are staples of the hygge lifestyle: don’t skimp on them! Create an intimate cocooning space at home where you can reconnect with the little things that soothe the body and soul.

Bring out your favourite comfy clothes and wear layers for maximum comfort. Pyjamas, leggings, cozy wool sweaters are just the ticket for dressing comfortably.

Daily dose of hygge?

Absolutely! It is quite possible to apply hygge principles throughout the year.

In the summer, plan a picnic outdoors with your loved ones. Enjoy long summer nights while sitting around a fire, roasting marshmallows or strumming on a guitar if you have a musical streak.

At the end of winter, do some spring cleaning and reorganize your living space to make it even more inviting for the new season.

If you feel an urge to moan and groan about the gloomy weather this winter, light a candle, cuddle up with a good book and a warm drink to experience hygge to the fullest!