Fewer belongings, more happiness

Fewer belongings, more happiness

Inspired by the general interest in this subject and its long list of benefits, here is a different and inspiring way of looking at life in general: minimalism.

What is minimalism exactly?

Obviously, minimalism is not as simple as not owning a car, a home or having a career. It does not mean that you cannot have a little luxury either. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two leaders behind this increasingly popular movement, give minimalism a definition that is more psychological than materialistic:

Minimalism is a tool that enables a person to rid themselves of all of life’s excesses and concentrate on what’s important, and helps them find happiness, accomplishment and freedom.

Freedom in what sense? Freedom to choose. Freedom to take advantage of life’s little pleasures instead of buying stuff. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy, forever?

Actual benefits

Opting for a simpler lifestyle can be beneficial, both on psychological and physical levels. A comprehensive list of all its benefits can be found on several websites. Here are some the most interesting ones:

  • Saving time and better quality time
  • Comfort from letting things go
  • A sense of freedom
  • Living in the moment
  • Following your passions
  • And more!

5 ways to be more with less

If you’re curious, but don’t know where to begin, here are 5 tips that could help you start your process on the right foot!

Make a list

Getting rid of clutter seems like an easy task, but it’s not always the case. Imagine for a moment having to get rid of sentimental belongings that remind you of people you love or other happy memories.

Even if it wasn’t absolutely necessary, you may eventually choose to get rid of them. Writing down the reasons why you decide to throw something out can be useful if ever you start backtracking on your decision.

Get rid of duplicates

Fill up a box with everything you have two of. Set the box away for a month. If you forget what’s in the box or never look at it, it’s a good sign! Donate them to a good cause.

Create a mess-free zone

This can be a bathroom counter or a drawer. The important thing is to respect the zone: make sure it stays mess-free and minimally cluttered at all times. If everything goes well, after a few days, expand the zone to the entire vanity or the entire bathroom, and so forth.

Only keep the clothes you actually wear

Have you heard of Project 333? It’s an exercise whereby you only wear 33 articles of clothing, for 3 straight months. These 33 items include accessories and shoes! It’s a nice challenge that allows you to open your mind to purity and simplicity, without it being too radical. Think about it!

Travel light

Planning a trip soon? Take this opportunity to do the test: try to bring fewer things and see how it goes!

Interested in minimalism? Don’t forget to start slowly and avoid making too drastic a change.

Do you think you’re right for this lifestyle?