Spending time at home as a family

Spending time at home as a family

Here are suggestions of activities to keep the whole family busy.

7th art to the rescue!

All aboard for movie night. Consider this time well spent as a family during the shutdown. With so many movies available to stream on various platforms, you should have no problem finding one that everyone can enjoy.

Do the people in your household bubble have really varied tastes? Make movie night a weekly or semi-weekly event and let everyone have a turn picking a movie.

Don’t forget the blankets and popcorn. All that’s left to do is snuggle up and experience a wonderful family moment.

Why not make your own movie? Write a short scene, assign acting roles, design some marvelous costumes and lights, camera, action! You have an on-site film crew to produce your very own TikTok video.

Share your masterpiece with extended family and friends. This is a great way to create unforgettable memories.

Dust off your board games

Pull board games out of the closet and rediscover the pleasure of playing… just for the fun of it.

Do you miss those marathon matches of Monopoly, Memory or Clue? Pick a space you do not have to regularly clear off, especially at mealtime. You can then play one of these blasts from the past for as long as you want. You can also get up and return to play at different times during the day.

Borrow games instead of breaking the bank. Disinfect any game before using and repeat before giving back to its owner.

Are you ready to spoil yourself? Order online to access the newest board games on the market.

Because you gotta eat

Why not take this opportunity to test everybody’s culinary prowess?

Ask each child to prepare a meal. You will have to lend the younger ones a hand, but the older ones should handle it smashingly.

Has ‘I’m starving!’ become the new family rallying cry? Ask kids to pick healthy snacks that you can enjoy together at set times in the morning and afternoon. Everyone can return to their activities with full bellies and should be able to think about doing things other than visiting the fridge.

Plan an out-of-the-ordinary meal once a week. Explore world cuisine as a family and experience the tastes of faraway places. Almost like taking a vacation abroad...

Plan a weekly picnic. Spread a blanket on the living room floor, get out the wicker basket, make sandwiches, open a window and listen to the birds singing while you eat.

Increase the number of meals cooked on the BBQ. Relive the tastes of summer and freedom.

Exercise together

Plan regular family training sessions to get everyone moving – and separate your kids from their electronics and video games. The Web is filled with interesting sites.

Some suggestions:

Why not organize a backyard Olympics? Concoct a series of fun, simple challenges according to your kids’ ages and based on the equipment you have on hand: ball, wheelbarrow, pail, ladder, rope, rocks, rings, etc. Get creative as a family!

Budding artists

Do you like to write and do your kids have a talent for drawing? Craft a story the kids can illustrate. Then bind it all together in a book to create a lasting memory.

Do the older kids in your home no longer have the same interests as the little ones? Settle the argument before it begins with two age-appropriate stories.