COVID-19: How to recreate holiday magic in your family bubble

COVID-19: How to recreate holiday magic in your family bubble

The holiday season is a time for rejoicing. Here’s how to make yours fun, festive and memorable despite pandemic-related health restrictions.

Although the holidays are shaping up differently this year, you can still go all out to celebrate.

Don’t let your traditions fall by the wayside: these familiar customs will do you and the immediate family a world of good.

Stay tuned to your emotional state and your children’s too. Acknowledge and identify how each person is feeling. No matter how hard you try to make some magical holiday moments, storm clouds can sometimes pass by and rain on your parade.

Have a family talk about coping strategies to employ to ensure the holiday season is festive for everyone.

Key to success: being organized

Make your to-do list and check it twice: you won’t have to kick yourself for forgetting something. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Don’t get caught up in the details. Cross items off your list as they are completed. Stay the course.

Delegate tasks to family members according to their personal preferences and capabilities. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Ask everyone to suggest activities to do during the time off and plan adventures, movie nights and other group suggestions. It really is about spending quality time with your family.

Dial up the classics

Create a warm atmosphere of shared wellness. Stimulate your senses and relive happy memories.

Bring out the decorations and design a festive indoor scene.

Ask the kids to get creative if you don’t have enough decorations on hand. This will also help create new holiday memories to cherish.

Do you want a real tree? Plan a family outing to pick one that everyone will love. Once it’s up at home, take some time to breathe in the smell.

Bake gingerbread, fruitcake, mince pies: everything that smells wonderful and wakes up those holiday tastebuds.

Play traditional holiday music. Holiday vibe… check!

Make sure to have hot chocolate (marshmallows optional) at the ready to serve during family downtime. Share your favourite memories and enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Don’t forget about outdoor decorations: lights brighten up the house and a wreath prominently displayed on your front door will greet the kiddos as they arrive home from school.

What about extended family?

Are your kids really close to their grandparents, not to mention aunts, uncles and cousins?

  • Schedule virtual visits through a teleconferencing app.
  • Arrange a virtual holiday dinner where everyone prepares the same menu… as if you were all gathered together around the same table.
  • Meet outdoors for a sledding afternoon.
  • Do you live close to each other? Plan a walk under the stars.

Years pass by but not all in the same way. Keep your chin up, maintain a positive mindset and don’t lose hope. And remind yourself that pandemic-related restrictions will not last forever.

Happy holidays!