COVID-19: 5 Ways to Support Your Favourite Restaurants

COVID-19: 5 Ways to Support Your Favourite Restaurants

The pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, and many owners are struggling to make ends meet. Here are ways to show genuine support during these trying times.

Make it a takeout night

Give the household chef the night off, break from routine, shake off the gloom and order takeout! This menu has it all, simply take your pick from the countless mouth-watering choices.

Set the table stylishly, add candlesticks and accessories, put on your favourite playlist and voila! You’ve brought the fine dining experience home.

Mix things up and alternate between dinner for two and family meals for shared culinary moments of fun.

Host virtual foodie events

Play the food critic with family and friends. Organize virtual dinners where everyone can enjoy a meal from the restaurant of their choice.

Guests can present their dish and describe the flavours and textures. You'll want to try everything!

Think local... and outside the box

Think forward and post-pandemic. Encourage the restaurants in your neighbourhood to keep its economy thriving.

Whenever possible, go pick up your meal yourself. Delivery costs boost your bill and that might deter you from repeating the experience.

It may be tempting to order in if the restaurant offers free delivery, but be aware this means the restaurant is paying for it, which in turn contributes to lowering its income and making a difficult situation even more dire. Just something to keep in mind.

Don't feel like ordering an entire full-course meal? Then opt for a main course and combine it with your own home-made soup, salad or dessert.

Does your favourite restaurant have the wine cellar of your dreams? If the laws in your province allow restaurant owners to sell alcohol with a takeout meal, ask for a recommendation and give in to the temptation of a bottle from the private collection. Then enjoy the perfect wine and food pairing.

Consider gift cards

Gift cards are always a great way to:

  • Highlight an anniversary or birthday
  • Thank someone for helping out: shovelling the driveway, running errands etc.
  • Congratulate someone on a promotion or a new job
  • Etc.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion. So go ahead, pamper the special people in your life!

And don't forget YOU! You can treat yourself to gift cards to use once restaurants reopen. Think of it as great way to spread your purchases over time and stock up on future indulgences!

Show some love

If your meal was simply divine, don’t keep it to yourself! Call up the restaurant and let the owner know what a great job the team is doing. It’s a simple and easy way to show you care.

Even better, share your great experience on social media. An enthusiastic post can go a long way to getting followers and friends to follow your lead and send some business the restaurant’s way.