Activities to get into the Holiday spirit

Activities to get into the Holiday spirit

Here’s an article for all you Holiday Grinches out there! Warning: it contains suggestions that may make you change your mind.

1. Make an advent calendar

What better than an advent calendar to help children excitedly count down the days before the holidays.

Sure, the stores offer an enticing array of calendars loaded with sugary goodies, but making your own, with little daily mementos that your kids will be remembering for Christmases to come has no price tag.

Pay Pinterest a visit to see how easy it is to make your own calendar to suit the mood you want to create.

2. Watch a movie

We all have our own classic holiday favourites:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Elf
  • Home Alone
  • The Nightmare before Christmas
  • Love Actually

And the list goes on … You’re bound to find something that will make you want to snuggle under the blankets, remote in one hand, popcorn in the other.

3. Make cookies

Now here’s an activity guaranteed to bring the family together: a cookie bake-off!

While the grown-ups are on oven duty, the littl’uns can have fun decorating (and tasting)!

It is also a fun opportunity to share tried and tested recipes and to come away with a cookie jar filled with a delicious selection.

4. Deck the halls – and yard

Why not go for a real tree this year which will fill the house with its characteristic fir fragrance this December?

Shaking the snow off the branches and strapping your chosen specimen to the roof of the car is a one of those special rituals.

And who would deny feeling like a kid again when the decorations go up and the home once again undergoes its colourful seasonal transformation?

5. Do a winter sport

Canada is a winter sports paradise and a fantastic playground for skating, tobogganing or skiing with friends and family.

Cheeks flushed by the cold and the fresh air, the day finishes by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a bowlful of marshmallows.

6. Make greeting cards

Since you’re writing personalized messages in your cards, why not go the whole hog and make the cards too!

You don’t need to be a Picasso: Pinterest has a mine of simple inspirations to draw on. You can also print cards with your family photo.

7. Write to Santa

Join the 1.5 million children who write a letter to Santa each year in the hope of receiving a message asking them if they have been good during the year.

If you prefer a video format, check out the portable North Pole site. After supplying some basic information, like the child’s name and age, it is possible to personalize a video that will make the eyes of children, young and old, pop!

8. Cocktail concoction

Anyone for cocktails? Put on your bartender’s bow tie and create your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages on the rocks!

Remember those good old punches your grandparents would produce during the holidays? Rediscover ingredients like eggnog or the sparkling wine, spices or syrup used to create or flavour a holiday tipple.

Don’t forget that “moderation is always in good taste” or arrange for a ride home with a designated driver service if you’ve imbibed a few too many of your own creations!

9. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater

National ugly Christmas sweater day grows in popularity each year. This is the day to lighten up and sport your ugliest sweater without shame.