5 ways to use social media for good

5 ways to use social media for good

Social networks are not just for self-promotion. They can be used to do good too. Here’s how.

1. Promote solidarity

Social media can be used to make your circle of friends aware of matters that you care about and rally them around a cause.

By shedding light on societal issues, you inform and push others to act. There is strength in numbers.

The important thing is to use social media as a tool and choose your cause wisely. Stay away from potentially divisive issues that pit people against each other and open the door to hate speech.

Show your support for those who champion worthy causes by passing on information, giving an opinion, etc.

2. Break the isolation

Teach an elderly person to use social media to stay in contact with others.

Help that person make the most of Facebook.

Then create a family group on which family members can post pictures of grandchildren, old summer vacation photos, recent adventures and other news.

Use Facebook to track down old colleagues, childhood friends or that person you met while travelling. Imagine how cool it would be to see them again.

3. Expanding your business network

LinkedIn is a professional networking site on which you can make and maintain business connections.

Having a solid network of carefully selected people with whom to exchange information and advice is a good way to give your career a boost. Make your LinkedIn profile shine.

Share your knowledge and experiences—the good and the not-so-good.

Feel free to share a difficult situation and how you resolved it or a challenge you thought was insurmountable. Sharing your story could help others.

4. Learning more about the world

Not everything you read on social media is vapid or void of content. These platforms contain troves of useful information on every possible subject—travelling, vegetarian cooking, childrearing, to name a few.

Living vicariously through the posts of a friend can be fun.

  • Did someone you know go to France and visiting Paris is on your bucket list? Search the internet for information on the City of Lights and its surroundings.
  • Did someone you know buy an electric bike and that’s something you’ve been mulling over? Check out the websites of bike companies and dealers near you, peruse comments from owners and read articles by experts to find the one that’s best for you.

5. Playing it safe

Think twice before writing a comment. You don’t want to write anything you’ll regret. Remember: What happens in the comment section, stays in the comments section.

Curate the pictures you post online. Of course, that picture of you partying with a lampshade on your head seemed pretty funny at the time. However, when looking for a job, you probably won’t want your future employer to see that side of you on your Facebook page.

To make friends online:

  • Be respectful.
  • Don’t be a bully.
  • Avoid hate speech.

If you are the victim of a cyberbully, know that you can report him or her.