5 tips on making the most of every moment

5 tips on making the most of every moment

Making the most of every moment means appreciating the here and now. You do this by focusing on what is going on in and around you. Hard to do? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Beware the ghosts of projects future and past

Living in the present means letting go of what’s behind you, as much as possible, and plan the future without overthinking it.

It’s important to learn from past mistakes and remember the good times, but you have to be able to move on and be open to new things.

  • Look back fondly on your previous relationships and forget the irritants. Be happy for the good that today is bringing you.
  • Look past the good old days. Adapt to your new situation—other days, other ways—you don’t want to be known as a curmudgeon!

It’s good to make plans, just don’t micromanage them. That will cause stress and anxiety when things don’t go as expected.

2. Your senses to the rescue

Your senses can help you make the most of the here and now.

Awaken them—sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch—and focus on what you’re doing:

  • Admiring the sunset.
  • Delighted by the laughter of children playing.
  • Smelling the flowers.
  • Eating chocolates someone gave you.
  • Enjoying the feeling of silk on your skin.

Think about the emotions and feelings you get when you look, listen, smell, taste and touch.

3. Listen rather than hear

When your partner wants to talk about a problem he or she is having:

  • Stop what you’re doing.
  • Look at him/her.
  • Listen.

Set your own concerns aside and pay attention.

4. Fresh air!

Breathing is living. Deep breaths? Deep breaths are for your body and soul.

Long, controlled breaths will oxygenate your brain and soothe your nerves.

Focus on your breathing—count to three before exhaling.

5. Ode to slow

S-L-O-W D-O-W-N!

Take it easy.

Have you ever noticed?

  • The faster I go, the more mistakes I make!
  • The more I try to do all at once, the harder it is for me to deliver satisfactory results?
  • The more I stress, the worse I feel?
  • The more anxiety I have, the less patient I become?

Overdoing it can lead to burnout. Try to better organize your time and learn to say no.

Feel free to use one of these proverbs as your mantra:

  • Rome wasn’t built in one day.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  • Great oaks from little acorns grow.