Tips on how to prevent damage during a move

Tips on how to prevent damage during a move

Knowing how to guard against damage during a move is essential. And knowing what to do if damage does occur is just as important. Here’s to a successful move.

Avoiding damage

Hire a reputable moving company. You’ll be paying for experienced movers and guaranteed service.

Do a little digging before choosing:

  • Are previous customers satisfied?
  • Are the movers punctual?
  • Are the moving trucks clean and well-maintained?
  • Is the furniture well wrapped so it doesn’t get dirty?
  • Are the floors covered with protective rugs or tarps?
  • If you need storage for a few days, is the warehouse clean and well-maintained.

Pack your belongings to minimize the risk of having your boxes dropped and your belongings broken:

  • Use small boxes for heavy objects and reinforce the bottoms to make sure they don’t let go under the weight.
  • Make sure the boxes are full to avoid crushing when they’re piled. Put heavy objects on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Mark boxes containing fragile items like glasses, knick knacks and dishes.

If you can, it’s best to move some things yourself like floor lamps, plants, etc.

The big day

Before leaving your home for the last time, go around to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Once the truck is unloaded at your new place, examine the large items to ensure they are intact – cabinets, dressers, beds, appliances, etc.

Don’t wait too long to unpack. If some items have been damaged during the move, you’ll want to let the mover know as soon as possible.

Start with the boxes marked “FRAGILE”. Make a list of damaged items and take pictures.

In case of a mishap

What if some furniture or other item has been damaged in spite of your precautions? What then? Don’t worry.

Fill out the mover’s bill of lading with as much detail as possible about the damaged items and what state they’re in. If the company you selected is reliable, they will cover the cost.

Send a claim to the moving company as quickly as possible.

And what if you didn’t use a moving company?

Your property is covered on moving day for a period of 30 days provided your insurance contract is in effect at the time of the move. You therefore don’t have to buy special coverage for the move.

Moving, regardless of whether it’s just down the street or to another city, is stressful for most people.  Make the best of it by being well-prepared.

*Exclusions and limitations may apply. Please contact your insurance company for more information on your policy.