Test your fire prevention knowledge!

Test your fire prevention knowledge!

SSQ, in collaboration with Quebec’s firefighter’s foundation for major burns victims, is challenging you to take a quiz and test your knowledge!

1. In Quebec, what percentage of burns are caused by a heat source in the home (flames, boiling liquid, etc.)?

a. 40%

b. 60%

c. 80%

d. 90%

2. The skin sensitivity of people age 50 and over resembles the skin sensitivity of a child of what age?

a. 12 years and under

b. 10 years and under

c. 8 years and under

d. 6 years and under

3. What percentage of burns caused by contact with hot liquids (cooking or a bath) require hospitalization?

a. 70%

b. 75%

c. 80%

d. 90%

4. How much time does it take for smoke from a fire to fill an entire house?

a. 8 minutes

b. 7 minutes

c. 3 minutes

d. 1 minute

Do you have a home evacuation plan?

An evacuation plan is the best way to be ready and avoid panic in case of fire. An evacuation plan consists of a floor plan of each floor of your home. Its purpose is to facilitate evacuation in the event of an emergency and increase chances of survival of occupants and visitors. Everyone must be familiar with the plan and practice at least once a year.

Preparing an evacuation plan:

  • Indicate all the doors and windows that can be used to get out of the house.
  • Indicate all the exits for each room, at least two per room if possible.
  • Indicate the gathering place to go to after leaving the house, generally in front of the house.
  • Indicate the location of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxyde detectors as well as portable extinguishers.
  • Plan the evacuation of children, the elderly and the disabled.
  • Place the evacuation plan in plain view.

Did you know?

The Quebec’s firefighter’s foundation for major burns victims held its 2015 fundraising campaign last September 19 and 20. The funds that were raised, $260,000, will be used for medical research and the purchase of specialized equipment for burn centres in Quebec.

SSQ is a major partner of the Quebec’s firefighter’s foundation for major burn victims. In addition to the financial support provided to the Foundation as its main partner, SSQ also took on the role of official sponsor for the “Agir à grande échelle” fundraising campaign.

Answers: 1) C   2) B   3) D   4) C

Sources: Quebec’s firefigther’s foundation for major burns victims
Sécurité publique Québec