Technology and moving: a winning combination!

Technology and moving: a winning combination!

Technology can be used to help us with our daily chores. Why not use it to plan your move?

Preparing a budget

A financial management and planning tool

Several apps let you manage a budget and plan ahead, which can mean savings for your move. In fact, moving requires a budget and preparation. These apps will help you stick to your budget and reach your objectives.

For your move, this can make all the difference. They can also help you create a contingency fund, if something unexpected happens. By effectively managing your finances, you are ready for any obstacle.

Using technology to organize your move

Forgetting nothing

When moving, there are lots of tasks to do and keep in mind. You have to think of everything. For example, is my internet provider available at my new address? Did you make your change of address with your utility company? Online concierge services accompany you in your tasks so you don’t forget anything.

There are lots of things to keep in mind when moving, so why not rely on the free services of experts who know the steps and can guide you through them.

Saving time

Spending hours on the phone making address changes with current and future service providers is no more. Thanks to concierge services, you save time. For example, you can get quotes from several professional moving companies with just one online form, and then compare the quotes you receive.

They can also help you make your address changes quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to call all your service providers to inform them. You save time - time you can put towards other tasks, like making up boxes.

You can also get online home insurance quotes. This will only take a few minutes and it’s essential for moving.

Managing your belongings

Professional movers have systems for keeping track of people’s property, but when you don’t use their services, this can be difficult. Apps can help you make an inventory of your belongings, track each item and keep control over your move.

Moreover, these apps can also come in handy in case of an accident or if something breaks!

Being well-informed

Now, thanks to the internet, information is easily accessible. For moving tips and advice, or for specific questions on logistics, a quick internet search is all it takes.

We are lucky enough to have access to all kinds of resources, so it’s important to be well-informed before a move. The internet is teeming with articles, checklists, expert advice and even reviews by people who moved. For example, when it comes to looking for a mover and wanting the best service possible, online reviews are very useful!

And don’t forget to use the resources around you.

This article is written in collaboration with Moving Waldo.