Are you moving? Your insurer can help!

Are you moving? Your insurer can help!

In addition to making your address change and packing boxes, don’t forget to call your insurer. Your insurer can advise you on how to adequately protect your new acquisitions.

When you contact your insurer, you must provide your moving date. You’ll be asked questions about your new home.

Maybe, along with the move, you now live with your spouse, bought some new furniture or installed a pool or a spa. You will have the opportunity to make sure you have sufficient coverage. Your insurer will also make the necessary updates.

Do I need special insurance to cover my belongings when I move?

No. Your home insurance covers your belongings both in your new home and in your previous home (provided they are located in Canada) for a period of 30 days. This means you can move with complete peace of mind, even if you have to do it in steps. However, to benefit from this coverage, your insurance contract must be in force at the time of your move.

*Exclusions and limitations may apply. Please contact your insurance company for more information on your policy.