Enjoy your pool and…stay safe!

Enjoy your pool and…stay safe!

Lucky are those blessed with a pool in their back yard on a blistering hot day. Here is a reminder of the basic rules to make sure your pool area is safe for children and grown-ups alike.

Ensure safe access to the pool

In-ground pools:

  • Make sure your pool is surrounded by a fence that complies with your municipality’s regulations.
  • Make sure there is nothing next to the fence that could be used to climb over it and gain access to the pool.

Above-ground pools:

  • A pool accessed directly from a patio, deck or a platform, must also be protected by a fence that complies with your town or city’s regulations, so find out the rules for installing a pool fence.
  • If there is a ladder to get into the pool, make sure you remove or raise it after each use.
  • There are ladders that come with built-in safety guards that cover the steps when you lock them, making the ladder impossible to use.
  • Prevent access to the pool from anywhere other than via the designated access gate.
    • Make sure that any stairs to a patio, deck or platform are far enough away from the pool so that they can’t be used as a step.
    • Keep the pool area clear of any objects that can be used to climb on and give access to the pool.

In-ground and above-ground pools:

  • Put a latch on the pool gate. Safer still, make sure the gate has a spring hinge so that the gate closes automatically.
  • Make sure the filter system is at least one metre from the pool.


Check the temperature and depth of water before getting in.

Avoid bathing alone: if you slip, have a cramp or feel unwell, you’ll be grateful if there’s someone around.

It’s best to use plastic glasses and plates in the vicinity of the pool.

Alcohol and swimming do not go well together. If you feel dizzy or tired, then rest.

No running by the pool―set a good example for the kids and follow the same rules.

Stay alert and keep a watchful eye on the children at all times. Forbid dangerous games. It is better to be too strict than not enough: accidents happen so fast.

Be careful with inflatable pool toys:

  • Remove them from the pool as soon as the swim is over. If you leave them floating in the pool, children might be tempted to go in after them.
  • Don’t forget that inflatable toys and mattresses deflate after a while, so make sure they are full of air before using them.

Be proactive

Make sure you have everything the law requires of private pool owners and check your equipment regularly. If you’re unsure, consult your town or city’s website.

Sign your children up for swimming lessons at a very early age so that they feel comfortable around water and learn to swim. That way, they will know what to do if they fall in accidentally.

Make a point of talking to your kids about pool safety and the importance of being careful in and around the pool.

Teach them how to use inflatables and other pool toys properly.

Before going out to keep an eye on the kids, make sure you have everything you need (snacks, towels, etc.) so that you don’t have to go back into the house.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and slather the kids with it liberally. The reflection of the sun off the water increases the risk of sunburn by 30%.

The importance of supervising children in a pool at all times cannot be stressed enough, even if they know how to swim and seem to be at ease in the water.

Follow these few safety rules and make the most of your pool this summer.

Have a splashing summer!