COVID-19: 5 Steps for Safe Home Service Calls

COVID-19: 5 Steps for Safe Home Service Calls

Your water heater just sprung a leak. Last week the Internet was down and you couldn’t work. Pandemic or not, we all need a home service call at some point or another. Here's how to safely plan a needed visit from a plumber, technician, or any worker in your home.

1. Ask about the service provider’s health measures and protocols.

  • Face covering: Although wearing a mask is mandatory for home service calls, when booking the appointment, you can insist the employee coming to your home wear a face covering.
  • Disinfection: Will the service person disinfect their hands and tools before entering your home? Will the appliances they touch be cleaned after the repair work is done?
  • Physical distancing. Will the service person maintain a two-metre (six-feet) distance during the house service call?
  • Touch-free transaction. Ask if the service provider offers touch-free transactions to avoid contact with potentially infected surfaces. You can also ask if sign-off can be done with an electronic signature.

2. Be honest about your exposure.

A couple of days before the visit, remember to ask yourself if anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 recently? Did your child get pulled from school because a fellow student was infected?

3. Prep your home for the service call.

  • Disinfect the work area and any items or surfaces the service provider will have to touch (e.g., doorknobs, remote control, etc.).
  • Designate an area where the worker can put tools or equipment to limit contact with other surfaces.
  • Chart a path. Direct the worker through your home to limit going through rooms or touching surfaces needlessly.
  • Tipping. If want to give a cash tip, put the money in a sealed envelope and place it on a surface for the worker to pick up, don’t hand it over.

4. Respect basic health measures during the visit.

  • Cover your face (mask).
  • Stand at least two metres away.
  • Pay attention to hand washing. Offer your visitor sanitizer upon arrival. Wash your hands if you need to hand over any items.

5. Wrap things up with a final round of cleaning.

  • Wash your hands again.
  • Disinfect the work area. Also disinfect any surfaces or objects touched within a two-metre radius of this area for good measure.
  • Disinfect any surfaces and objects touched by the worker or his or her equipment, without forgetting doorknobs.