Top 5 fitness trends to want to try

Top 5 fitness trends to want to try

You’ve tried them all and you’re still not sure what type of training to choose to reach your fitness and weight goals. Here are some fitness trends that might interest you.


The popularity of high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is due to the relatively short amount of training time needed to strengthen your muscles and get leaner.

Ten to 15 minutes is enough to get a good workout. HIIT is perfect for those with a busy schedule and limited time to exercise.

A HIIT session requires maximum effort, typically involving short bursts of high-intensity exercise lasting 20 to 90 seconds, followed by a short “active” recovery period of low intensity exercise but not a complete rest.

In addition to being a short workout, HIIT:

  • Is effective for burning a lot of calories during and after, because of the excess of post-exercise oxygen consumption called the afterburn effect
  • Can be done anywhere: you don’t need sophisticated equipment or a gym
  • Offers a variety of activities to avoid monotony and you can vary the exercises – TRX, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, etc.

Start slow: aim for a few sessions a week and then gradually increase the pace.

Apps are available for the more techno-inclined enthusiasts who wish to track their activities. Bodyweight by Freeletics or Results by Runtastic are just a couple of examples.

2. Functional fitness training: for an active and healthy life without injury

With its origins in physiotherapy, functional fitness training consists of strength-training exercises that improve balance, coordination, strength, control and endurance.

The goal is simple: improve your physical capacity to perform daily tasks.

The suggested exercises are not new―they simply train the muscles that you use in your everyday activities. So, if you need to bend down to pick something off the ground, you will appreciate having added squats to your workouts.

Functional fitness training can be done without assistance using such simple tools as pull-up bars, balls and elastics or resistance bands.

3. 3D fitness training: more virtual fun!

3D fitness training combines exercise and entertainment for more motivation and fun, and a lot less monotony.

It’s a complete workout that includes strength-building and high-intensity cardio.

The usual exercises are performed as part of a video game world where you might face obstacles or magical creatures. You can play against yourself or, if competition is more your style, play against an opponent.

While busy fighting the enemy, you’ll forget that you’re exercising but you’ll be getting the same benefits just the same.

4. Group fitness classes: for more motivation

Group classes play an important role in motivation and satisfy the need for contact with other people in a social setting. It is much more enjoyable to exercise and sweat together as a group than all by yourself at home, especially after a big day at the office.

Training with a teacher makes things easier

  • No need to worry about creating a sequence of exercises or changing it every few weeks to get better results
  • You just follow what the person in front of you is doing

Group fitness classes bring together people of all fitness levels

  • Want more? Give it everything you’ve got!
  • Have trouble keeping up and doing the same number of repetitions as your neighbour? Follow at your own pace. What’s important is that you do your best.

Choose a fitness class that is right for you. Your best friend loves a boot camp-style workout but you want to sign up for Zumba? Follow your heart and go for Zumba. Make yourself happy. And remember to have fun.

5. And what about the rest or recovery period after all this exertion?

Recovery is becoming more and more popular. Athletes now take more time to recuperate, whether it’s by taking short breaks in between exercises, focusing on active rest or sleep after training, or adopting one of the following:

You’ve decided to work out a few times a week? That’s great. But regardless of the type of exercise you choose, remember that there’s no miracle solution to make up for the sedentary lifestyle we lead the rest of the time. It’s still important to move every day.