Putting an end to fatigue!

Putting an end to fatigue!

So you got your eight hours of sleep last night but it still took a miracle to get you out of bed this morning? Fatigue—that veritable plague of modern times—undermines our lives, affects our productivity and generally slows us down. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to rev up your daily routine.

Lifestyle choices

Certain foods provide the fuel we need to tackle our daily tasks with a sense of vitality. The best food choices include nuts, fish, soy and whole grains. And don’t forget fruits and vegetables: they’re chock full of vitamins.

You can also fight fatigue by staying physically active. Regular moderate-intensity exercise helps the body produce mood-changing hormones known as endorphins, which produce a sense of well-being.You have a pretty active lifestyle but you’re still not sleeping well? If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep, your body is lacking one of the key elements it needs to maintain a healthy balance—it’s a little like trying to fill up a leaky gas tank. Hot baths, soft music and reading are all effective ways to put an end to the day and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Burning the candle at both ends

In our age of pedal-to-the-metal productivity, overworking is a sad fact of life. Yes, you can keep up the pace for a while, but the body will send out messages when you’re overdoing it. And if that sounds like you, perhaps this is a good opportunity to examine your routine a little more closely.

So what’s the secret of restoring balance?

Learning how to delegate! Dissatisfaction can cause psychological fatigue, which sooner or later affects your physical health. A stimulating lifestyle on the other hand is an effective fatigue fighter since it offsets the obligations we all have to assume.

The key is to identify those aspects of your life that conspire to increase your fatigue: a messy wardrobe, a nagging pain you haven’t looked after, mounting debts, an acquaintance who always manages to bring you down… Take the bull by the horns and get your life in order!

One good strategy is to start with the smaller things that are easier to fix. Slowly but surely, you’ll find the courage to tackle the bigger issues.

Time for a check-up

Fatigue may also be linked to a physical problem, such as a defective thyroid gland or hormonal changes that occur during menopause among women or andropause among men. If you constantly feel tired despite the fact that you are getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a medical check-up may be in order.