Get energized after the Holidays!

Get energized after the Holidays!

Despite our best intentions, we often spend the holiday season eating too much and sleeping too little. Here are a few tips to restore your energy levels and help you go back to work.

Get moving and get some fresh air

A walk outdoors, out in the country if possible, can help your body rid itself of toxins that make you feel tired. Short exposure to the sun also gives you an efficient energy boost. Once outdoors, make the most of it with 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Thirty minutes is all it takes. For best results, do this three or four times a week.

Tip: Bring your music! Listening to music while you exercise can help by 15%!

Running in winter… why not?

Running is an excellent way to boost your energy levels, get some fresh air and burn the calories you racked up during the holidays. However, it might be hard to get motivated when the weather isn’t on your side. Here are five important tips to persuade the most skeptical…

1. Wear light clothes

A common mistake is to wear coats and sports clothes that are too hot. Your goal should be to not perspire too much to avoid catching cold. Instead, wear your clothes in layers (onion peel) rather than down coats. Windbreak clothing is your best bet against the cold!

Contrary to popular belief, cold air will not harm your lungs but it may cause an unpleasant burning sensation. To help, wear a mask that will enable you to breathe humid air.

2. Keep your hands and feet warm

Since heat escapes through your head, wear a hat and cover your ears. Wear mittens instead of gloves since they retain body heat better. Finally, good long but not too thick wool socks will protect your feet and heels properly from the cold when you you run.

3. Change your usual route for greater flexibility

Instead of your usual itinerary, do loops and go shorter distances. This way, you won’t have the wind in your face for too long and you’ll be closer to home in case of a problem. The most important thing is to be flexible about your route. Winter can be hazardous and it’s better to change your route or run for shorter periods than to risk injury.

4. Protect your skin

The effects of the cold on your skin can be sneaky and very damaging. Apply a moisturizer before going out and always remember to apply sunblock. Snow reflects the sun and there’s just as much risk of sunburn as in summer. Finally, apply lip balm to avoid chapped lips.

5. Stay hydrated

Thirst isn’t as common in winter and the drinking fountains along the way are often out of order. Don’t get caught unawares! Carry your water bottle under your coat in an isotherm container so it doesn’t freeze (French only)

Above all, remember that the golden rule is to give yourself time and know that the holiday indulgence won’t magically go away. The key to success lies in avoiding overdoing it and using moderation, which will go a long way in helping your recovery.