Attention Allergy Sufferers! Your pharmacist can help you

Attention Allergy Sufferers! Your pharmacist can help you

Do you or someone you know suffer from severe food allergies or allergies to insect stings, medication or other triggers? Did you know that since January 2021 pharmacists in Quebec have offered services designed to make the lives of allergy sufferers easier?

How has the pharmacist’s role changed?

The purpose of Bill 31, which amended the Pharmacy Act, is to allow pharmacists to provide additional healthcare services.

How does this affect allergy sufferers?

Some of the new services that pharmacists are able to provide them will be especially useful.

1. Your pharmacist can now prescribe medications, like epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPenTM).

This will make medication faster and easier to access, and claims will continue to be accepted by your insurance.

Prior to this amendment, pharmacists could only provide epinephrine auto-injectors to people after their prescription had expired. However, without a prescription, claims for such drugs were not covered.

2. Your pharmacist can now prescribe and administer medication in emergency situations.

When someone is having an allergic reaction, every second counts. Thankfully, allergy sufferers, who could go into anaphylactic shock, can now go to a pharmacy for treatment.

Pharmacists will provide immediate attention and therefore reduce the risks of anaphylaxis, which is potentially life-threatening.

Check with your pharmacist to see what new services are available!