8 tips for a relaxing March Break

8 tips for a relaxing March Break

1. Plan… but not too much

Prepare a list of things to do and make reservations. Since many people have this week off, activities are often all booked up..

Just don’t over-book your week so you can either play it by ear or do nothing at all.

2. Involve your children

March Break is also their week. Ask them what they would like to do and make a calendar that makes everyone happy.

This is also a good way to not hear them mutter “boring”!

3. Stay on budget

Regardless of your plans, don’t blow your budget.

There’s no need to put everything on plastic! It’s actually possible to have fun without breaking the bank.

4. No alarm clock, no curfew

Just like regular holidays, March Break is a perfect opportunity to relax the family routine.

Slow down. Stop running around. Forget the alarm clock. Let the kids go to bed late.

The entire family will appreciate it…

5. Get some fresh air

There’s no reason not to go outside during March Break. It’s time to stock up on vitamin D, which we tend not to get enough of during winter.

6. Share the responsibilities

You can’t take the entire week off? This is where the saying “there’s strength in numbers” gets all its meaning.

Call on the grandparents, extended family, friends and even your neighbours to help out.

7. To heck with chores!

Don’t pester your kids with chores.

For a welcome change, have fun, put away your grocery list and cleaning products and devote yourself to your family.

If you don’t want to spend your week slaving in the kitchen, prepare a few meals in advance.

8. Most important of all: relax

Family time is precious. Forget the daily grind for a while and, instead, relax and have fun.

Have a great March Break!