7 benefits of laughter

7 benefits of laughter

1. Natural stress relief

Nothing relieves stress faster than a hearty guffaw!

According to Dr. Henri Rubinstein, two to three minutes of laughter a day is worth 30 minutes of relaxation.

For not much money (some would even say free), laughter reduces the level of stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, released by the brain, making it easier to eliminate carbon dioxide from the brain.

A well-oxygenated brain improves energy levels, calmness and memory.

2. Good digestion

Laughter makes the muscles in your abdomen and chest contract, which is good for digestion.

Less heartburn, lower cholesterol levels and relief from constipation are just some of the benefits observed in chronic gigglers.

3. Pain relief

When you chuckle, your brain excretes endorphins, which work somewhat like opiates, by blocking pain signals and reducing the sensation of pain.

4. Insomnia

Laughter and laughter therapy are an insomniac’s best allies. That’s why it is recommended to watch an uproariously funny comedy before going to bed.

Laughter relieves muscular tension and lets you stop the hamster wheel from going round and round in your head.

5. Strong antibodies

Laughing contributes to your level of antibodies (immunoglobin A) in the mucous membranes in your nose and your respiratory passages.

Antibodies protect you from viruses, bacteria, germs and certain types of illnesses.

6. For morale’s sake

Did you know that cracking up makes your brain release endorphins and gives you a euphoric feeling?

Researchers observed that the more you laugh, the more your brain is oxygenated. In fact, laughter is an antidepressant that reduces rumination and boosts your positivity.

7. Life

Laughing bolsters your blood flow and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, heart, brain and muscles.

Studies have shown that 10 minutes of laughter reduces blood pressure and the likelihood of developing a blood clot.