5 tech gadgets for babies and parents

5 tech gadgets for babies and parents

Why not take advantage of the latest and greatest technology on the market for baby’s well-being? Here are 5 gadgets sure to simplify parents’ lives.

The most discreet baby monitor

You simply slip a sock on baby to track their heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood and quality of sleep.

The Owlet Smart Sock monitor is linked to your smartphone so you receive the information in real time, whether you are at home or not.

Now the whole family can sleep tight!

Price: approx. $540

Go to sleep little baby…

If it takes a car ride to get baby to sleep, maybe consider picking up a Tranquilomat that vibrates and produces soothing sounds.

There are two sizes available: a small one for the car seat and a large one for baby’s crib. The mat has 4 vibration levels and 2 heartbeat settings, as well as a 60-minute auto shut-off mode.

Price: approx. $170

No-stress nail clippers

Do you dread the thought of accidentally hurting your baby when you cut their nails?

Banish the thought! This will be a thing of the past with the Zoli Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer.

You simply have to pick from one of four cushioned pads adapted to the size of your baby and you can safely file baby’s nails without any mishaps.

Price: approx. $40

The soothing thermometer

Is it a pacifier? Is it a thermometer? No, it’s both!

You will no doubt love this no fuss binky that measures a baby’s temperature. A glowing light alerts you if baby is running a fever.

Price: approx. $25

How much does baby weigh?

You will find out every time you change her diaper!

With its foam surface, this pad designed by Hatch Baby is perfect for standard changing tables and gives you your baby’s weight in record time.

Data is then stored on your smartphone.

Price: approx. $245