10 Wellness Apps

10 Wellness Apps

Achieving a balance in life is essential for good health. Using stress relief tools can help tremendously and the high-tech industry understands this. When it comes to wellness, there’s an app for that. Here are 8 apps that we enjoy and, best of all, they’re free!

Relaxation Apps

Do you need to relax? Have you tried meditation? Try these handy apps to help you get started. Eliminate daily tension with a short, easy and effective session.

Petit BamBou: Mindfulness

This is France’s leading meditation app. Eight 10-minute lessons are included free of charge in the Discovery section. Additional specialized programs are available through in-app purchases. The app offers thousands of sessions, most of which last 5-20 minutes.

Available on the App Store

Available on Google Play

Sleep Sounds

This free app is designed for those experiencing sleep trouble. Simply choose from a wide range of high-quality relaxation themes like:

  • The rain
  • The night
  • The beach
  • The cottage
  • The rainforest

Available on Google Play

Apple offers a similar app: Soothing Sleep Sounds


This app offers deep-dive mediations and relaxing sounds. Quickly fall asleep and de-stress after a long day. Over 1,000 meditations are available. Please note that this free app offers in-app purchases. Try it for 7 days!

Available on the App Store

Available on Google Play

RespiRelax+ (French only)

This app helps you better manage your daily stress through breathing exercises. Set your breathing intervals anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds.

App Store

Breathing Relaxation Exercises

Let things go more easily thanks to cardiac coherence. Try these breathing techniques designed to evacuate all stress.

Available on Google Play

Pedometers (step counters)

It practically goes without saying, but physical activity is good for you! This is not to suggest that you should run a marathon. However, healthcare professionals recommend taking at least 10,000 steps per day. This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually a very attainable goal, especially with the following pedometer apps.

Google Fit

This free app counts your steps for you. You won’t need to buy a smartwatch.

iOS Health

The iOS Health app comes standard with iPhones. It uses the phone’s motion capture sensors to calculate your daily steps.

Screen-Time Control Apps

Are you spending too much time on your smartphone? Most phones now come with tools that track screen time. The results may surprise you! Scheduling some off-screen time could help you disconnect.

Google Family Link

Download this app and use it to set screen time limits… and stick to them.

iPhone Screen Time

To access this feature, go to Settings, then Screen Time. It will tell you how many hours you spend on your device. It even provides real-time reports. If necessary, create a passcode to limit your or your children’s screen time.

There are tons of free wellness apps out there. These positive tools will encourage you to maintain a healthy balance. Avoid those that incentivize motivation or that constantly ask you to pay for features. More often than not, the free version of the app will be enough for your needs. After all, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune!