Telework: 7 activities to maintain team spirit remotely

Telework: 7 activities to maintain team spirit remotely

Chats around the coffee machine may be on hold for the time being, but team spirit must carry on… even in virtual mode.

What can you as a manager do to get past the distance when everyone is working from home?

1. Fun quizzes

Even if your employees have worked together for years, many aspects of their lives remain a mystery to others.

To find out more about everyone, devote part of your virtual meeting to icebreaker surveys, such as those by James Lipton.

2. Share reliable addresses

To encourage buying local – and promote team spirit as well – why not create a file that contains all the best local addresses?

Anything is possible depending on your team’s interests:

  • Restaurants with tempting takeout
  • Best local craft beers
  • Most interesting face masks
  • Walking trails or hiking paths
  • Etc.

3. Virtual meal

Sharing a meal during a videoconference can be just as enjoyable as gathering together in the break room and is an ideal way to network.

All recipes are on the table: everyone gets takeout delivered, contributes to a theme meal or simply heats up leftovers in the microwave.

If you prefer a condensed version, schedule a morning coffee break or afternoon virtual wine tasting or happy hour.

4. Animated GIF battle game

To ensure a clear game framework, we suggest you download this template on Trello and customize it to fit your team.

Every participant must then visit Giphy or Google Images to pick an animated gif that best respects the selected theme.

Take a vote to determine the winner after all participants have added their image.

5. Welcome to my place!

Take a page out of the real estate handbook and schedule virtual visits in employee homes.

Discover an employee’s improvised office, ooh and aah over a team member’s newly renovated piece of furniture or even get a sneak peek at a flourishing garden.

Team building is the ultimate result of sharing such intimate details.

6. Get moving!

We have to find ways to stay in shape now that gyms and fitness centres are closed.

Organize marathons full of team challenges and benefit from the motivational impact it has on your group.

Be inclusive and allow every activity possible and imaginable because the goal is to get up and moving and not win an Ironman competition!

7. Play to stay a child at heart

Board games have resurged in popularity due to recent enforced cocooning… either sitting around the table playing a traditional board game or gaming online.

Test your group’s knowledge and build team spirit by playing such classics as Jeopardy, Clash of Clans or UNO.

You can also organize a typing challenge or hold a competition testing Excel proficiency or any other software program you use at work.