5 tips for recruiting on social media

5 tips for recruiting on social media

Companies have to get creative when it comes to recruiting the best candidates. Wouldn’t it be nice if their social networks could lend a hand?

1. Go with a simple and attention-grabbing post

Develop a social media recruitment strategy that complements your standard recruitment and communications strategy.

When trying to attract applicants, remember that most people will be reading the job description on their smartphone.

This is not the medium for longwinded explanations. You have a few seconds to grab the person’s attention. Focus on what sets you apart as an employer from other companies.

Use hashtags with specific keywords. Do you want to hire a web developer? A hashtag such as #webdev will target more interesting candidates than #comdev, for example.

2. LinkedIn for the win

The LinkedIn professional network is the perfect place to start an applicant search. The LinkedIn Jobs (paid) feature does the work for you and allows you to filter applicants according to the desired profile.

In general, you will have access to complete (or nearly complete) professional profiles, provided that users update them.

Don’t conduct searches from the company page. Use your own profile instead. Candidates will appreciate the personal touch.

Never rely on a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to contacting potential candidates. Think outside the box and let them know why their profile stood out to you. Be serious in your approach and refer to specific assets in their profile that caught your eye.

3. Facebook, Instagram and the like: key allies

Facebook professional association pages are a good place to search as well. The content is generally posted by engaged people, which should give you insight into their personality and expertise.

Give your recruitment campaigns a boost by putting ads on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms will enable you to target the age group, region, gender and interests of the candidates you seek.

Always measure the success of your social media initiatives. With solid numbers to go on, you will be able to identify what works well for your company and what needs adjusting.

Are you looking to recruit young people? Snapchat is the way to go.

Quora, a learning and knowledge-sharing platform, is also a great place to find the perfect candidate.

4. Saved by the web

Do you want to learn more about the company where a potential candidate works? Browse their website. This should tell you more about the candidate’s experience and use this information as a way to break the ice during an eventual interview.

Does the potential candidate own a business? Visit the government business registry to find out more about it (status, shareholders, directors, etc.).

5. Make your business and your employees thrive online

Don’t just post job openings at your business. Be sure to highlight your workplace culture, the company’s achievements and employee accomplishments.

  • Did one of your employees do something special? Proudly spread the word on social networks.
  • Are your employees participating in a charity sports event? Post about it on Facebook – this will say a lot about your company’s values.
  • Are you working on a major project? Talk about it on LinkedIn – people are eager to work on interesting projects.

Finally, ask your employees to share your posts on their social network page to reach even more people.

Good luck!