10 office design trends

10 office design trends

If you are planning an office renovation or a move to new premises, here are some innovative ideas to create an inspiring work environment.

Tenants need to optimize every last m2 of their rented office space. These 10 trends ensure maximum effect and ingenious use of workspace.

1. Versatility

Moveable walls to make open spaces that are adapted to different needs, such as:

  • Discussions
  • Concentrating
  • Telephone calls
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Private and confidential conversations
  • Relaxation, etc.

The ability to reconfigure the layout gives employees the sense of controlling the work environment to suit the task.

The open space concept with no partition walls is conducive to collaboration and customization.

2. Self-service offices

Mobility has become a new reality in today’s world thanks to laptops, especially for employees and consultants who visit their clients for just a day.

The concept of office-sharing (also called hotelling) is becoming increasingly popular. Under this system, there are no assigned offices; everyone moves around and chooses a free spot to work from.

Obviously, this concept calls for users to be tidy and to leave the workspace in pristine condition for the next user.

In terms of office furnishings, modularity is the essence. Furniture must be adaptable to the needs, and must be easy to move and reconfigure.

3. Eco-responsible design

Environmental issues play an important part in the design of commercial spaces these days. Companies are therefore giving furniture a second life or are considering durability when choosing new furniture.

Today’s offices must include eco-friendly materials which have a low environmental impact, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are not harmful to employee health.

The concept even extends to planting urban gardens on the rooftops of company buildings or in the grounds. Indeed, SSQ Insurance has followed the trend by creating its own rooftop vegetable garden and donating the harvest to a local community association.

4. Workplace well-being

Gone are the days of walls and screens painted in drab colours. Today’s employees want inspiring spaces filled with natural light to create an engaging work environment.

Companies have had no choice but to adapt and offer their staff work spaces where lifestyle and work go hand in hand and which include amenities such as:

  • Kitchen with fruit baskets and healthy snacks
  • Espresso bar
  • Video game room
  • Reception room

Other services can be added to help staff balance work and personal life, for example:

  • Vaccination sessions
  • Chair massage
  • Physiotherapy or acupuncture treatments
  • Child care

5. Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is essential if staff are to get on with their work comfortably and safely.

The goal is to choose furniture that can be easily adjusted and that helps blood circulation.

It is worth spending time with an ergonomics expert in order to make the best investment.

6. A reflection of your corporate branding

You have spent a lot of time and energy crafting a clear and careful brand image. Why not incorporate your company personality into your office design?

We’re not talking about a modest little company logo at the reception desk. Emblazon the walls with the company’s colours!

Use contrasting colours to define different work zones and energize employees.

7. Smart conference rooms

In our digital age, technology tools reign in the conference room.

The time is over when it would take 30 minutes before any meeting to plug in machines, untangle wires and test for any technical hitches.

These days, employees are looking for simplicity for their videoconferences or telephone meetings.

8. Office health

Time is precious and many people try to incorporate physical activity into their time at the office.

Companies are keen to encourage a healthy lifestyle and some devote areas to a:

  • Training studio
  • Yoga room
  • Climbing wall
  • Meditation area
  • Closed, locked space for bikes

And if you do work up a sweat at work and prefer to freshen up before getting back to work, showers and changing rooms are also provided.

9. Abundance of greenery

The idea is to invite the outdoors into the workplace.

Biophilic design is trending in a major way and inspiring employees who find motivation in spaces where nature and living elements are present.

Plants, green walls, shells, water features, nature-inspired design objects and spaces created to increase and enhance views of the outdoors are all examples of initiatives to reduce stress and develop workspaces that promote fertile minds.

10. And not forgetting … the bathrooms

After so much effort put into workstations and surroundings, the bathrooms will benefit from the designer’s touch too.

They must be attractive and practical.

If there are no windows, show ingenuity to make sure that bathrooms are well lit, and play around with textures, colours and the latest design ideas.

Need help?

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