New job: 10 tips to start on the right foot

New job: 10 tips to start on the right foot

You have landed your dream job… congratulations! Here are 10 tips to be productive as quickly as possible.

1. Establish a pre-game plan

Even though you have not officially started, it is always better to do your homework before diving into the new adventure that awaits. You will then be able to hit the ground running.

Contact your new manager and ask them for advice on how to prepare for D-Day. They may send documents that will help you get to know the organization and its values.

Don’t forget to ask them for all the details about your first day on the job: start time, meeting place, etc.

2. Clarify expectations

Be frank and transparent from the get-go. Ask your manager to define their expectations of you. Clarify your objectives and deadlines.

You will then be able to know where you stand.

3. Find the right balance between autonomy and dependence

It is normal to feel out of the loop in a new work environment.

Don’t be shy to ask for help when you get stuck. Your colleagues will no doubt be very accommodating and will direct you to the right resources. Always ask for help when you need it.

However, you must learn how to balance your need for help in order to avoid leaning excessively on others.

4. Stay in constant communication

Always keep the lines of communication open with your manager and colleagues through regular meetings, emails, texts, etc.

This is the perfect way to send project updates and share accomplishments.

5. Connect with colleagues

Make your integration smoother by participating during moments when your colleagues are assembled together: meetings, lunches, breaks or after-work activities, etc.

6. Develop a career plan

Set objectives for yourself. Make a list of the knowledge and skills you want to acquire in this new job.

Draw inspiration from discussions with your manager and your new HR team. Seek advice from professionals in your field.

7. Find a mentor

Profit from the know-how and experience of a person whose career path you admire.

Mentoring is a proven strategy to ward off career stagnation and to help forge your own path in your new work environment.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Hone a sixth sense for spotting positive people in your workplace. Those who always look on the bright side are often the glue that hold a group together.

It is a better idea to drive in their lane than drift toward negative people who like to complain.

Avoid office gossip like the plague. This way, you will avoid inadvertently putting your foot in your mouth and offending someone.

9. Update your LinkedIn profile

Add your new job to your LinkedIn profile without delay.

Also add new colleagues and clients to your network, along with business partners associated with your new employer.

It is not a good strategy to neglect your business network. You should always strike while the iron is hot.

10. Take good care of yourself

Even the most positive job change can sometimes be accompanied by a certain degree of stress and adaptation.

Take care of yourself. Keep good sleep habits. Eat a varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Pursue hobbies that produce endorphins and boost your morale.

The overall goal is to maintain a work-life balance while still proving yourself at work.