Humour, a manager’s best friend?

Humour, a manager’s best friend?

What if humour at work is the key to success? Consider the benefits of taking a lighthearted approach with your team.

Babies laugh about 300 to 400 times a day. And adults? 15 times. It appears we are particularly serious throughout the week and tend to reserve laughter for the weekends.

It is true that humour has long run counter to the learning needs of managers. It has often been associated with a lack of seriousness, procrastination and wasting time.

Be that as it may, it might be in your interest to reconsider and regard a sense of humour as an essential quality for today’s managers.

Ah-mazing way to de-stress

Serving your team with a shot of humour can have positive effects over both the short and long term.

A hearty laugh energizes the body with a healthy dose of oxygen. It stimulates organs like your heart and lungs, as well as your muscles. They, in turn, are more relaxed and better prepared to keep stress at bay.

Laughter also lowers your heart rate. The brain releases endorphins, a group of hormones associated with well-being.

Researchers have also found that laughter stimulates the immune system, which allows the body to react better when exposed to stressful situations.

Laughter really is the best medicine when injected into the daily grind of your 9-to-5.

Keep on the sunny side

It is a well-known fact that people with a solid sense of humour are more positive than the Grinches of this world.

They are better equipped to handle difficulties and find solutions to their problems because they can see the lighter side of those not-so-light situations.

Humour is therefore a key ingredient for good mental health. It reduces the risk of falling prey to depression and anxiety.

Humour that sticks

Humour is the cement that bonds team members together. It defuses tense situations. It is the ultimate icebreaker when it comes time to welcome a new employee. It helps institute a collaborative spirit and positive work environment.

Humour lowers the masks, giving the impression that professional relationships are all about authenticity.

In fact, it may be a key element in staff retention during a labour shortage. Millennials are particularly drawn to a more relaxed and fun work environment, where salary is not the sole consideration to stay.

Humour… a coveted skill

Did you know that people who master the art of telling jokes to the right audience at the right time are perceived as being more competent than those who show their serious side all the time?

A research team at Harvard Business School discovered such expert jokers really do have the last laugh.

On the other hand, researchers also found that managers lack credibility if they send messages devoid of humour or if they share tactless or inappropriate jokes.

Humour is a way to be positively perceived by your employees and colleagues, albeit as long as it is well controlled and doled out in the right amount. You need to be able to read your audience and know how to properly dose your jokes.

Humour boosts productivity

Humour lightens the work atmosphere. It encourages interaction, promotes the brainstorming of outside-the-box ideas and, most of all, advocates bold moves as a winning strategy for any organization.

An abundance of ideas circulates in a productive work environment. Employees are more motivated if there is a cheerful atmosphere around the office.

If humour doesn’t come naturally

Unfortunately, not everyone is born quick-witted with great comedic timing. It takes more than the flick of a magic wand to impart this gift to most mere mortals.

Learning this skill is a lifelong journey that depends on many factors, including the sense of humour of the people in your midst and your own confidence level.

Importance of humour

Using humour effectively at the workplace is key.

One of the first steps is to use humour to de-dramatize. When dealing with a stressful situation, it’s better to take a lighter approach and laugh than take everything too seriously. After all, not everything is as dark is it seems at first…

Role distribution

Learn how to smoke out team members with a verifiable funny bone.

Shine a spotlight on their comedic talent as they could indeed be called upon to infuse much-needed humour into the workplace.

A little laughter will go a long way and these team members deserve to be recognized for lightening the mood and making dealing with stress at the office a little easier.