Working while travelling… just another dream?

Working while travelling… just another dream?

Their full name is travelling entrepreneur, but you can call them travelpreneurs. Their carefree nomadic lifestyle is inspiring many others to find a way to combine work and travel. Here’s how a few of them have succeeded.

What is a travelling entrepreneur?

Thanks to the digital revolution, many entrepreneurs have been able to combine remote work and travel.

In fact, they can set up office anywhere – on an exotic beach, in a bustling metropolis or in the countryside… as long as there is Internet access.

The possibilities are endless, but travelpreneurs are typically freelancers who enjoy teleworking or entrepreneurs whose passion for travelling motivates them to grow their business abroad.

Where to start?

There’s reason to be envious, right? Know that these adventurers didn’t just set off on a whim. They most likely planned everything out in great detail before uprooting themselves.

Do you have what it takes?

Not everyone can be a travelling entrepreneur!

You have to be willing to sacrifice everything, including material possessions, to travel.

You have to be diligent to a fault and able to work despite an urge to do other things like explore your surroundings. Travelling is great, but you still have work to get done.

Flexibility is essential to overcome the many challenges travelpreneurs face. You have to be able to quickly find solutions to problems and take every hurdle in stride.

The lack of daily human contact and being unfamiliar with your environment on a regular basis can be deal-breakers for socialites in search of stability.

What kinds of jobs are available to travelpreneurs?

Some jobs are better suited than others to teleworking and travel. Typically, any job related to the web is a viable option:

  • Integrators
  • Graphic designers
  • Programmers
  • Referencing specialists

Jobs in the tourism industry, writing and translation are easy to do from anywhere in the world.

In any case, the travelling entrepreneur’s social network is chock full of contacts and potential customers that can provide a steady stream of income at any given time.

Where to travel and work?

Some cities are definitely more expensive than others – Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich, to name a few.

The city where you decide to telework will definitely factor in to your ability to make money there.

Choosing a more affordable destination doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing a high-speed Internet connection and electrical outlets for your devices. You obviously need both of these to work.

The RV

Some travellers want to be mobile, so they combine home and office in an RV.

If you decide to follow suit, be sure to keep these two pieces of advice in mind:

  1. Test drive your RV before setting off and, if possible, work out of it for a few hours. It’ll be easier to adjust your workstation setup before leaving than after.
  2. Think about working elsewhere than in your RV. You could try cafés, temporary office space or a library. The important thing is to be productive!