Top 5 LinkedIn tips

Top 5 LinkedIn tips

Do you want to be a LinkedIn pro? Here are 5 tips to help you become one!

1. A carefully crafted profile

A complete and updated profile is the best way to get noticed by the algorithm.

In fact, an absolute expert profile should garner you the most visibility.

LinkedIn assesses the strength of a profile based on its filled-in fields. Don’t be stingy when it comes to information about yourself!

  • A professional head shot (don’t use the selfie you took at the all-inclusive resort pool).
  • A pertinent and appropriate cover photo.
  • A professional job title (because you worked hard for it).
  • All your professional experience, responsibilities and tasks (just like in your resume).
  • A short, but touching bio.
  • All the training you’ve followed.
  • All professional licenses and certifications (let everyone know what you’re good at).

Personalize your URL to improve your search engine referencing.

Ask your colleagues and other qualified persons for recommendations.

2. Be relevant

Comment on content that interests you. Why?

  • The algorithm will recommend content that matches your field and your own interests.
  • Members of your social network will be made aware of your expertise and may ask you for your opinion on matters important to them, offer you a job, etc.

Carefully select your contacts:

  • Before accepting or rejecting a LinkedIn connection request, ask yourself what value this person can bring you professionally. Expertise? Experience? Contacts?
  • When in doubt, ask the person directly why they want to connect with you.
  • Someone on LinkedIn compliments you on your appearance? Never mind...

3. Be engaged

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! On LinkedIn, posting once a day will do wonders for your visibility.

However, a second post on that same day will reduce exposure to your first one, so best to avoid it.

Post in the mornings, Monday through Thursday, and use variety: visuals, videos, advice, achievements, etc.

The best way to extend the lifespan of a post is to attach a document or video.

Use hashtags for clarity and to increase your post’s visibility.

Commenting AND liking/sharing will have more effect!

  • Remember that comments generate 50% more impact than Likes.
  • The algorithm considers sharing as creating duplicate content, so it’s not the best option when trying to increase visibility.

Carefully select which discussion groups to join and then make your participation known on your profile. Your selection will speak volumes on your personality, engagement and fields of interest.

4. Think of others

Nurture your relationships and they will nurture you!

  • Tag a person or company in a post or comment by using the @ symbol. They will receive a push notification.
  • If you worked on a very successful project, be proud of your accomplishment and say it. Remember to spread the wealth! Always acknowledge the members of your team.
  • A friend loses his or her job? Ask your social network to see if anyone knows of a job opportunity. If ever this happens to you, your friends will be more likely to return the favour.

5. Use the right tone

Be respectful and courteous in your posts and comments.

Choose your words wisely, while being yourself.

Do you enjoy dispensing pearls of wisdom because you tell it like it is? Then use your language skills to your advantage... without overdoing it.

Although LinkedIn is a professional social network, its members naturally tend to gravitate to information they can identify with:

  • Feel free to share personal stories.
  • Go straight to the point to engage the reader.
  • Be genuine.
  • If the story has a happy ending, explain how you got there.

It’s important to curate your presence on LinkedIn, even during a pandemic. Take action so your career can be as successful as it can be. You too can be a LinkedIn pro!