Meet SSQ Insurance’s Manager of Tomorrow

Meet SSQ Insurance’s Manager of Tomorrow

From Individual to Group

Whomever decides to make the move from employee to manager must first learn to fuel the performance and success of others.

This is achieved by managing team objectives by eliminating obstacles and helping employees overcome difficulties.

Having the ability to motivate and mobilize, SSQ managers never hesitate to delegate to others and encourage them to take action in a work environment where teamwork and mutual support are key.

Talent Booster

Our managers of tomorrow play an active role in the development of their team members.

They never hesitate to delegate assignments based on individual talents. Its through such assignments that employees are able to learn, shine and advance in their career.

Thanks to managers, SSQ Insurance employees come to understand how they need to develop, based on what they do well and what they need to improve on. Managers must find ways to enable them to contribute.

In doing so, SSQ Insurance managers can make a real difference, all while considering the career objectives of their employees. To do so, they must foster a transparent relationship with them, which will require managerial courage on a daily basis.

Planning and Means

Managers of tomorrow are like captains of a ship. They set objectives based on a strategic plan that serves to guide everyone in the same direction.

To reach these objectives, our managers prepare effective, concrete and realistic action plans that outline the steps to take, who is responsible for what, the needs of all resources on every level of the company as well as the milestones.

In pursuit of these objectives, our managers must be able to adapt and be agile, and know how to help their team members navigate the rough seas of change. Now this definitely requires managerial courage. They must be able to determine when to stay the course and when to adjust the priorities.

To make it easier to reach the objectives, they know which follow-up mechanisms they must set up in their sector. Constantly seeking operational and financial optimization, managers make suggestions to their employees on how to better align themselves with the company’s strategy, while considering the risks.

Moving Forward!

The insurance industry is changing, especially since the onset of insurtechs.

As SSQ Insurance wants to stand our on the market, it must count on managers who will call its business models into question and aim for continuous improvement and innovation.

Always abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices, our managers have an inspiring, high-altitude view of insurance and share it with their teams.