Get creative with these 5 brainstorming ideas

Get creative with these 5 brainstorming ideas

Being creative can be hard and being creative everyday is a real challenge! If you have a job that demands creativity on a regular basis, then try these 5 brainstorming tips to keep the creative juices flowing and impress your colleagues while you’re at it.

1. Do what I say but not what I do!

Lacking inspiration? Try the inverted method.

Let’s say you are working on an innovative way to present a product to your customers. Ask yourself how you would not want the product to be presented.

Identifying all the things to avoid will make it easier to identify those that are important.

2. Team writing

If two minds work better than one, imagine what a whole team can do!

Write down as many ideas as you can individually in 3 minutes. Then pass the paper to your neighbour to write down his ideas based on what you have written.

This technique helps to get a result given that people are bound to like something they have contributed to. With their contribution, everyone will feel like they’re part of the process.

3. Cognitive mapping

Write the most important word of your idea in a bubble in the middle of the paper. Then write all the words related to your main word around it.

Don’t try to place them in any order. Just go with the flow without giving it too much thought.

You’ll be surprized to see how such an unimpressive exercise can give you a whole set of fresh ideas.

4. Post-it

Get everybody in the brainstorming group to write down their ideas on Post-its.

Put all the Post-its up on a wall and organize them by theme.

Keep repeating the exercise for each theme.

This one’s interesting because you can explore the important ideas in detail and break them down to the maximum.

5. Hat technique

Have you ever wondered why your boss, a celebrity or maybe just another person might deal with a subject you are working on?

Switching hats is a way to analyze, understand and think differently. These are keys to thinking outside the box and stimulating your inspiration.

During your brainstorming session, ask yourself a question like “What would Justin Trudeau do in a situation like this?”

This method works well in situations where everyone tends to produce the same ideas.