5 fashion trends to take to the office this fall

5 fashion trends to take to the office this fall

Here are a few inspired suggestions to help you make excellent wardrobe decisions that won’t get you in trouble with your company’s dress code.

Respecting your company’s dress code shouldn’t have to be complicated, whether you’re a slave to fashion or stylistically challenged.

Here are the latest trends that will help you enhance your look quickly, easily and in line with this season’s colour palette.

Little black everything: elegance that is pret-à-porter

Black is the colour that brings elegance and style together.


This trend shouldn’t come to a screeching halt this fall; in fact, its timelessness is exactly what makes it perfect for every season.

Sure, you can wear a black suit anywhere, but why not pair it with other elements to make it more comfortable while remaining just as chic: a turtleneck sweater and slim pants with ankle-high boots.

Compared to bright colours or loud patterns, the finesse of an all-black look allows you to have fun with textures and fabrics: mesh, leather, suede, etc. Mix-and-match for optimal effect.

50 shades of hues


The idea here is to build your look using a base colour and pairing it with shades of that colour, whether lighter or darker. In this example, the dark grey dress serves as the foundation, the jacket is a lighter shade and the handbag is less saturated.

By mixing-and-matching the textures of the dress and jacket, we get a more relaxed look that’s not too busy because of the few colours it contains.

This look is easy to pull off because its formula can be applied by anyone who doesn’t feel like racking their brains when getting dressed.



Contrary to popular belief, the boy look is not new. In fact, we can thank Coco Channel who introduced pants to women in the 1910s.

So, why not peruse your significant other’s closet for ideas?

To successfully achieve this look, the idea is to combine both masculine and feminine elements: pants, vests, turtlenecks and basic shoes.

In this example, the look is all black with unstylized hair. Your job doesn’t allow for dramatic hair? Opt for a tightly wound bun.

Hello bell-sleeve tops!


Fashion trends come back from one decade to the next, and tend to get reinvented and rehashed when they do. Do you remember those bell-sleeve shirts you used to wear? Well, they reappeared last spring and they’re still in this fall.

Fashion bloggers often combine them with denim pants, but they could just as easily be worn with slim-fit pants or a pencil skirt.

For casual day

More and more companies allow jeans to be worn at work.


Why not dress them up by combining them with a long jacket and quintessential black purse? On top, go for a blouse that tucks in or a solid white shirt for a more contemporary look.

Another quick and effective way of dressing up jeans is to wear elegant high heels.

Add some jewelry and voilà! You’re ready to head out the door!