5 professional resolutions for the New Year

5 professional resolutions for the New Year

The holiday vacation is one of the most reinvigorating times of the year because you forget all about the office, have time to relax and reflect and get some perspective on your professional objectives. Congratulations! The time to prepare your resolutions is now.

1. Nice work if you can get it

If you think you need new challenges at work, say it. Your boss is not a mindreader, so mention it to him or her.

Be friendly: job satisfaction doesn’t just rely on the tasks and responsibilities you are given. A jovial atmosphere fosters commitment and reduces stress. Laughing with colleagues is a great way to relieve tension!

Take advantage of the well-being perks that your employer offers you:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Teleworking
  • Decked out kitchen and break rooms
  • Etc.

Avoid eating at your desk. Go out for lunch. Get away from your desk. Take a break. You’ll increase your afternoon productivity, guaranteed!

2. Be good to yourself

Saying Yes without thinking of how it will affect you is no longer an option. Learn to say No. Say it nicely, but firmly.

Are you having trouble reaching a comfortable work/life balance? Talk to your boss.

It’s best to be prepared, though. Think about what could help make your life easier without hindering the company.

3. Work it out

Only check your emails a few times a day, at specific times, to avoid distraction and be more productive.

Sort your emails as your read them – don’t wait for your inbox to overflow.

Don’t pick up the phone every time it rings. Let the system take a message and call back when it’s most convenient for you.

Do your most tedious work first thing in the morning when you have more energy. Your tasks will seem much less monumental, and you’ll avoid procrastinating.

Clean your workstation regularly: endorphins (or happiness hormones) are released when you are physically active giving you a feeling of serenity and satisfaction during and after you finish your work. Cleaning also helps put your ideas in order.

4. Live and learn

When you feel like your career is in a rut or you have a thirst for new knowledge that must be quenched, consider learning a new skill. There’s nothing like learning a new skill to keep you motivated.

There are plenty of different ways to learn new things – reading, webinars, conferences, etc.

Check with your bosses to see if there is a program out there that will help you expand your horizon.

5. The social network (from a distance)

Networking has become essential. Despite a hectic schedule, take the time to hop online and connect with old colleagues or acquaintances.

Who knows, you may need a little help one day and you might be tempted to turn to someone in your network… provided you have one.