5 men’s trends to try at the office this fall

5 men’s trends to try at the office this fall

The turtleneck… is the new shirt

This fall, turtlenecks will be front and centre.

Instead of wearing your favourite dress shirt with slim-fit pants, try a neutral turtleneck.

Complete the look with a tan jacket. Fashion bloggers and stylish consumers alike have been posting pictures of this trend on Instagram since last fall, and the tan jacket is a must-have for this season.

Remember, the key is neutral colours, like the black turtleneck in this example.



Making its first appearance on the runway a few months ago, the minimalist trend has made its way into men’s fashion.


Everything is sleeker: shirt collars are much narrower, and sometimes there just aren’t any, like mandarin collars.

Lapels are narrower as well, resulting in a more modern, refined silhouette.

Ties are also much thinner than before.

It’s all in the accessories

A briefcase is always an elegant, professional option.


However, backpacks are becoming very popular men’s accessories.

For the businessman-on-the-go, a stylish backpack is the ultimate combination of practicality and style.

For utmost panache, opt for a streamlined leather backpack.

Think pink!

The modern man scoffs at traditional stereotypes.


That’s why pink is in for men, even at work.

Jackets, pants, shirts, ties… the sky’s the limit! The important thing is balance.

In the example, a light pink suit goes smashingly with white. For added boldness, replace the dress shirt with a t-shirt.

Finally, forego all accessories for a natural look.

What about jeans day?

If your company allows you to wear jeans on Casual Friday, why not wear black jeans with a jean shirt?


Every man needs a pair of black slim-fit jeans… this is a great way to wear them!

Less formal than traditional cotton dress shirts, jean shirts will give you a relaxed look, while remaining professional.

For a more corporate look, consider wearing leather shoes. If you’d rather go for comfort than corporate, then wear sneakers. They’re all the rage when worn this way. The important thing is to make sure that they are pristinely white.

Written by Nico Trudelle