Winter driving lessions for a safe winter

Winter driving lessions for a safe winter

While essential, regular driving lessons aim to teach you the laws and road safety rules and only briefly cover winter driving techniques. Since January 2010, compulsory driving lessons now extend over 13 months. This is good news, as all novice drivers will have the opportunity to learn to drive in the winter.

What do winter driving lessons teach?

These courses serve to enhance what you learn in regular driving lessons and improve the driving skills you have acquired over the years. Because these courses take place in specifically designed areas, you will have the opportunity to practice slaloms, avoiding obstacles, emergency breaking and controlling skidding on snow and ice. Students will acquire experience with many techniques that are indispensible for Quebec winters.

Who are these courses intended for?

These courses are intended for all types of clients, both skilled drivers who seek to increase their confidence at the wheel and for those who have long commutes to get to work. In other words, they are for anyone who wishes to understand how their vehicle will react in extreme winter conditions.

What is the best time to take the course?

Because these courses are given outside, you can only register in the winter when weather conditions are appropriate, between January and March.

If weather conditions are ever inadequate for outdoor practice (either too warm or not enough snow), some schools offer indoor courses using a simulator. This setup, which includes three giant screens, a seat, a steering wheel, and gas and brake pedals, reproduces various road conditions.

How much do these courses cost?

Rates are somewhat similar to those of regular driving classes, that is between $40 and $50 per hour. Prices vary between driving schools based on various criteria, such as opting for a half-day or full day of courses, or if you use your vehicle or need to rent one. Some establishments offer rebates to young drivers (age 16 to 24).

Where can I receive this type of training?

SSQaufo offers its preventive driving courses to equip drivers. Learn more!

Source: Protégez-vous