When to notify your auto insurer…

When to notify your auto insurer…

You shouldn’t just contact your insurer when your policy is up for renewal or when you want to file a claim. Here are some other situations when you should contact your insurer.

When you obtained your auto insurance quote, the insurer calculated the premium based on the information you provided at the time.

To make sure you are getting a fair price for the right coverage, be sure to inform your insurer if any of the following changes occur.

When your life changes… so does your insurance

  • Change of address, job or profession
  • Using your vehicle for your work or to commute
  • Mileage is higher or lower than estimated
  • Enrolment in a group that has signed a partnership agreement with your insurer (only at renewal)
  • Travelling outside Quebec for more than one month

Tell me who’s driving and I’ll tell you is insured

  • Adding or removing a driver (primary or occasional) from the contract
  • Suspension of a driver’s license (e.g., DUI)
  • Offence(s) under the Highway Safety Code

For a well-protected vehicle

  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • Installing or uninstalling an anti-theft device or GPS tracking system
  • Modifying or adding accessories that increase the value or performance of your vehicle
  • Storing or removing your vehicle from storage
  • Renting your vehicle out with a car-sharing service (e.g., Turo)

When in doubt

It’s always best to call your insurer and get advice from an expert.