Removing your vehicle from storage in 3 easy steps

Removing your vehicle from storage in 3 easy steps

Did you unregister and uninsure your vehicle after putting it in storage? If so, before removing it from storage, use this three-point checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

1. Insurance

Before removing a vehicle from storage, you need to make sure it’s fully insured. As soon as you know the removal-from-storage date, notify your insurer. If you’re insured with SSQ Insurance, you can do this directly on the website or over the phone.

2. Inspection

Whenever a vehicle has been in storage from longer than 12 months, it must be inspected by an SAAQ authorized mechanic. You’ll need a valid roadworthy certificate to be able to register it.

3. Licence and registration

On the day you remove the vehicle from storage, the law requires it must have a valid licence plate.

You can register your vehicle online at SAAQ or at a point of service.

You will need proof of ownership and a valid driver's licence (or other valid ID with picture).

Good to know: Remove your vehicle from storage early in the month because the fees are for the entire month.

Is your vehicle registered in a province outside Quebec? Refer to that province's motor vehicle registration agency.

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