The importance of removing snow from your car

The importance of removing snow from your car

Not removing snow and ice from your vehicle before getting behind the wheel reduces your visibility and is a nuisance for other drivers. It only takes a few minutes so, for the sake of your safety and the safety of others, do it!

You’re late, the kids aren’t cooperating, nothing’s going right, it would be tempting to drive off and let the wind take care of the snow on your car…

Sure, you might save some time, but it could cost you dearly.

Why remove the snow from your vehicle?

Think of the windshield and windows as your car’s eyes. Snow, condensation and ice block the view, increasing the risk of causing an accident.

Add the risk of snow or ice flying off your car onto the car behind you and you have all the ingredients for a highway disaster.

When negligence leads to fines

Removing the snow, scraping off the ice and defogging the windows before getting behind the wheel is a sign of respect for other drivers.

Not doing so could lead to fines.

In Quebec

According to the Highway Safety Code, failure to remove snow or ice from your vehicle could cost you as follows:

Violation Fine
Driver’s view through the windshield or windows is obstructed by ice and/or snow $200 to $300 + fees
Snowed or iced headlights and parking lights $60 to $100 + fees
Illegible license plate $30 to $60 + fees
Block of snow or ice falling off a moving vehicle $60 to $100 + fees

Elsewhere in Canada

Every province has it own rules concerning vehicular snow and ice removal.

For example, in Ontario, it’s illegal to drive with anything obstructing the driver’s field of vision and is punishable by an $85 fine + fees.

Can I be fined for snow or ice that falls off my car while driving? Still in Ontario, you could be accused of driving an overloaded vehicle (snow and ice are considered extra weight).

Be sure to check every province’s regulations for more information.

Impacts on your auto insurance

Causing an at-fault accident or damage to another vehicle because you failed to remove the snow or ice from your vehicle will increase your premium, because you’ll have to submit an auto insurance claim to cover the damages to your vehicle and all other vehicles involved.