Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Do I need it?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Do I need it?

Have you been thinking about getting commercial vehicle insurance? Here’s what you need to know!

Is it time to get commercial vehicle insurance?

Are you an entrepreneur, a retailer or self-employed? Do you use your vehicle for business purposes? If so, then you probably need commercial vehicle insurance.

Do I have to tell my insurer?

Yes, you must tell your insurer when you start to use your vehicle for business purposes. The agent will be able to tell you if you need commercial vehicle insurance. If so, he or she will give you information and advice about the coverage you need.

Here are examples of when you must call your insurer:

  • You start using your personal vehicle for business purposes (for example, delivering packages or transporting tools, equipment or material).
  • You offer new products and services that have changed how you use your vehicle.
  • You travel more for work, which has increased your annual mileage.

What are you transporting with your vehicle?

Remember, to be able to transport commercial goods (tools, merchandise, materials, etc.), you must have appropriate commercial goods insurance.

Do you have questions or concerns about your current insurance coverage? Call your insurer for answers and to make sure you are well-protected.