Car theft: are the contents of my car protected?

Car theft: are the contents of my car protected?

Roughly 39,000 cars are stolen each year in Quebec alone. That’s one car stolen every 14 minutes.

Added to this list unfortunately are approximately 40,000 cases of stolen property from inside the vehicles*.

Luckily your car insurance policy covers theft and damage to your automobile.*

Did you know that your personal belongings inside your vehicle are covered by your home insurance?

Your car insurance covers what is permanently attached to your car (sound system, racks, miscellaneous accessories, etc.). That’s why it’s important to tell your insurer if you plan to install equipment that will add value to your vehicle.

However, the theft of belongings found inside the vehicle (e.g. your laptop or golf bag) is covered under your home insurance contract. Therefore, if you carry valuable items in your vehicle on a regular basis and you don’t have home insurance to cover these items, you won’t be able to claim them in the event of theft.

Should you have any questions about insurance coverage for your personal belongings, ask one of our agents. They will be more than happy to help.

*Exclusions and limitations may apply depending on your insurnace policy. Please contact one of our agents.

Source: Info Insurance (Insurance Bureau of Canada)